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Issue of January 6, 2013: Goodbye

Our last issue. Seven years to the day after BiblioBuffet was birthed it has come to an end. There’s considerable sadness—it’s hard to leave something that you have worked hard for and poured love into—but we all leave with considerable affection for what we accomplished. We hope that you, our readers, will take with you the memories of some fine books, excellent writing, and wonderful contributors. Since the site will remain in archives, courtesy of the book discussion forum BookBalloon, we encourage you to enjoy them at will. Thank you for the memories.

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Looking for good works you may not be able to find elsewhere? As a kind of round-up of the publishing houses that Lauren Roberts added to her editor’s letter each week for several years, the final BibliOpinions column is a compilation of those along with links and brief descriptions in The Pub Houses Gather.

It’s so hard to say good-bye, but the time has come to bid adieu. Lauren Roberts uses her final editor’s letter to do some reminiscing about the people, the books, the stories, and the role that all made up BiblioBuffet in A Beautiful Friendship.

The passion of bookmark collecting found a home in the column, On Marking Books, that Laine Farley and Lauren Roberts shared since the beginning. Bookmarks themselves are almost featherweight, but the collective weight of their history, background, cultural influence, and historical significance is substantial. Laine and Lauren reminiscence about those in Bookmarking Memories.

When life hands your lemons, goes the old saying, then make lemonade. And that is precisely what Nicki Leone did seven-and-a-half years ago. The “lemonade” has since turned out to be very sweet—with books infiltrating every part of it. Share it with her in On and Off the Shelves.

When you have the opportunity to read a lot of books in a short period of time—and your job is to read them for an important awards long list—you notice flaws much more readily, especially when they extend across multiple books. Gillian Polack delves into the reasons why writers who focus on creating worlds and characters need to be aware of the cultural contexts readers bring to them and the discomfort those new contexts can produce in Thoughts.

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