Issue of December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! We wish you not only a good holiday season but a personally satisfying one too. Remember to take care of yourself, and enjoy some peaceful reading time too. Your body and mind will thank you.

Three diverse books captured Gillian Polack’s attention this past week. Three diverse books that might have little in common except that they all involved a very loose definition of “travel.” See what she found in Armchair Travel.

Reading and pets just seem to go together. Most of the time it is quietly, a nap to match the reading. But in Nicki Leone’s case a new rescued puppy has turned that former quietness on its head, and her reading has been altered in ways she never anticipated in How to Read a Book (With a Puppy on Your Lap).

Especially in comparison to their small sizes, bookmarks tend to carry very large histories. This week, Laine Farley finds a weighty background to a bookmark that initially offered not much more than a question as to where the “credit” was good at. But she found out and in doings so learned a great deal about a fascinating company and symbol in Priscilla, the Mail of New England.

Personal memoirs run the gamut from self-indulgent to historical. But rarely do they reach such a level of penetration as Lev Raphael’s story of his reconciliation between his family’s past and his own present. Even further depth was probed by the perceptive questions posed to him about his experiences and this book in Looking Back.

With two holidays in one week, Lauren Roberts decided there wasn’t time to do much but bring out her annual Christmas “poem” for your amusement. Therefore, please enjoy her personal take on the old and more famous one in ‘Twas That Night Before Christmas.

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