Issue of December 16, 2012

We at BiblioBuffet hope that your holiday shopping is not taking a toll on you. If you ever feel it is, the best cure is a couple of hours (or more) buried in the pages of a good book.

With airline travel growing more unpleasant by the week—it can easily be described as a flying bus—it is with no small irony that this week Lauren Roberts takes a look back at the history of Continental Trailways (“Big Red”), an intercity bus system that served a major portion of the U.S. middle class for fifty years in Going My Way? (in the editor’s letter).

Still looking for gifts? This week, Lauren Roberts presents the last of her four-part list of ideas for the bibliophiles and readers in you life. Books are not a part of it because of the vast number of them and the wide array of individual interests, but you’ll find plenty of other suggestions in Literary Gift Guide, Part 4 (in On Marking Books).

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