Issue of December 9, 2012

The holiday season is in full swing. Regardless of whether you are immersed in parties, working hard, or able to nestle into your home’s warmth we hope that you are finding time to indulge yourself in some good reading. This week, we have two wonderful essays that explore the meaning of books, which you will find over at BiblioBuffet.

Our experiences while reading as children often have a large impact on our adult reading. Probably no one has been more impacted than Nicki Leone, who shares the books she read and the things she learned from them—more, much more, than the stories themselves—in On Reading Books That Are Too Old for You.

In an unusual departure from her usual book-centric columns, Gillian Polack explores the connection between types of music and types of author voices and what they teach her. “My taste in music and my taste in books becomes a window onto a far wider and more interesting landscape than I previously saw,” she says and that fuels her thoughts for Music and Modulation.

Still doing your holiday shopping? Then check out Lauren Roberts suggestions for more gifts for booklovers and readers. This week, she goes international in some ideas while others are closer to home in The Literary Gift Guide, Part 3.

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