Issue of November 25, 2012

In this week’s editor’s letter I begin our annual Literary Gift Guide, which will continue through December 16. Though I have done this for several years’ running, each year trying a new way to display I think I have found the best thus far: fewer but choicer selections that will not be grouped by price or category but instead be presented as they come. And we also have some more book recommendations, one of which is perfect for the cooking and cultural fans out there. Join us for a celebration of food and reading!

Note: Because of ongoing technical difficulties, we are unable to link directly to our new articles. Please go to BiblioBuffet and check them out from there. Thank you!

“Cookbooks that seek to introduce an entire culture to new audiences have many roles to fill,” says Nicki Leone, who shares a particular one that she told me “is the book that will be on my counter for the next three months.” So what is it?  Find out in Bon Appetit ~ Enjoy Your Meal ~ Eat Up ~ Dig In ~Nush-E Jan.

‘Twas a time when trolleys were not just for transporting workers to town and back but for fun. Lauren Roberts explores the history of one such trolley in southern California that specialized in “100 miles for 100 cents” in Trolley Times.

When Edith Wharton entered Lev Raphael’s life she basically took it over. But one thing disturbed him: her take on Jews. Lev decided to hijack her stereotypical characterization and re-make that character into a full-fledged man with “a life, a past, a family, dreams, fears, regrets” who is “real” in his own novel in Solving My Edith Wharton Problem.

The Medieval Arthurian legends are one of Gillian Polacl’s passions. Books about the legends, the heroes and villains and the stories abound, and now a new one, a true story about Merlin the magician, how the stories of him “developed and changed in the Middle Ages, how they were interpreted and how those stories came down to us” in Merlin.

Technical difficulties prevented us from publishing last week’s issue or even getting into the website until this past Saturday. We apologize for this. So this week Lauren Roberts combined, with some tweaking, the two editor’s letters into one to bring forth The Literary Gift Guide: The Shop Opens.

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