Issue of November 11, 2012

From the chilly weather to warm words. We have it all. Well, not the weather per se. That is up to Mother Nature. But we do have warm, even great words for you with our new columns this week, ones I think you are going to love. Check all three out to discover some great new reading plus more.

Bookmarks come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. This week, Lauren Roberts revisited her collection of metal bookmarks, most all of them antiques, to look for some history to go with the exquisite workmanship. Alas, no history could be found—these are perhaps the most mysterious as to their origins—but some interesting speculation arises in Metal Bookmarks.

“Books are terrifyingly important,” writes Gillian Polack. “Who we are can be derived from them and influenced by them.” In Imagined Geography, she shares her thoughts on two books where the terms “home” and “abroad” come to light in various ways and aid our understanding of our cultures.

A new thriller with an unusual depth is the focus of the editor’s letter this week. In 9/11 Live for Me Now, Lauren Roberts shares her thoughts on 9/11 and admits that the book gave her more than mere entertainment; it also challenged her thinking on the lingering issues that arose from that terrible day.


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