Issue of October 28, 2012

In this week’s issue, we have not only some fabulous reading for you—Gillian has two highly recommended books—but some real beauty too in all the shades of autumn. Looking for something a bit spicy, perhaps? Our own Lev Raphael has it in his self-exploratory essay.

Autumn invariably brings with it color—gold, copper, orange, yellow, red! Laine Farley celebrates the season with her bookmarks of autumn colors that need no history, though she finds some, to be appreciated in Ode to Autumn.

Two extraordinary books termed by Gillian Polack as “people I knew in one book: stories I knew in another” turned her reading inside out last week as she relates in Hearts in Translation.

Despite changes in publishing, it’s still widely believed that you can’t make it as a writer without a literary agent. Lev Raphael, most of whose twenty-four books have not been agented, shares what it was like being signed and ignored by a famous agent at the start of his long career in First, Let’s Kill All the Agents?

In Good Reads, Lauren Roberts sends all her best wishes for you for a happy reading week, and also pens a reminder for the pet lovers about Halloween dangers. Please have a good week and make sure your pets have a safe one.


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