Issue of October 21, 2012

One of the most charming essays we have ever run can be found this week in Nicki’s column, A Reading Life. And for some literary laughs, we have our in-house biblio-humorist, Elizabeth, with her wacky sense of the funny side of books.

What happens when even the most passionate of booklovers begins to feel overwhelmed with books? In Nicki Leone’s case, she decided that sharing was the better part of owning, and joined a growing grassroots movement, establishing her own Little Library Under the Oak.

Elizabeth Creith tackles The Canterbury Tales in a way never dreamed of by high school English teachers. What happened to the language, she asks, was there “a Great Vowel Shift”? In her quest for the answer, she finds her head stuck in Middle Gears.

It’s the chair. At least Lauren Roberts believes that the new chair in her life is not just the perfect reading chair, though it is, but a chair with almost magical powers in which to work out life’s problems and enjoy life’s pleasures: Comfort for the Self.

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