Issue of October 14, 2012

What we have for you this week is a fascinating essay on how three very different books were read and enjoyed, a history of a famous-in-its-time New York restaurant, and a short story about the right furniture for reading and for appreciation. Please, join us.

Gillian Polack’s reading interests span a huge range, which is why she found herself recently thinking about how to “illustrate just a very few ways that books can be read and enjoyed . . . only some of which “involved starting at the beginning and reading through to the end.” Her thoughts will be found in The Fine Art of Reading.

Books and food have always had a warm relationship but so have bookmarks and food, especially when a particular bookmark has been created to celebrate and “mark” a restaurant. Such is the case with the Charles French Restaurant and its silk memento. Lauren Roberts explores what she found in the history behind what had once been a top New York establishment in Dining on Bookmarks.

Sometimes it is in the small things that we reap the largest rewards. Lauren Roberts, who has been searching for the right chair in order to create a special bedroom book nook, found one at an unexpected time—and also found it offered more than just a piece of furniture: Book Nook.


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