Issue of October 7, 2012

What we have this week for you is a simply beautiful review of an extraordinary collection of short stories and a look at the weighty benefits of a magazine forever stamped by its vivid color. Come learn and laugh with us.

You know all those National Geographic magazines you have in the house? You’re not the only one. Most people worry about the space they take up, but Elizabeth Creith is more concerned with their weight. What’s a magazine weigh you ask. Find out as she weighs her options in Ten Ounces.

A collection of short stories by a civil servant in a backwater section of Pakistan didn’t find publication for forty years. But this captivating collection, reading almost like a novel, Nicki Leone says in A Friend in All the World, offers “beauty, compassion and empathy . . .  draped over these stories like the decorative shawls of the women in the caravans of the migrating Kharot tribes,” and gives it an “almost eternal feel.”

“Put down that book and go outside” is probably a familiar refrain to many a reader whose parent would chide them for staying inside with a book too often and for too long. Lauren Roberts, who also heard this on occasion, took that advice today when writer’s block led her to hiking books and thus to a local walk in Trail Reading.


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