Issue of September 16, 2012

We wish you a Happy New Year—the year 5773, that is. And while we’re at it, please check out our newest columns for some great reading!

Brakes may be among the most mundane of a train’s features, but they are certainly among the most important. Lauren Roberts set out to discover the history of a company that produced these items and discovered a world of history that continues long after the company deceased in Putting the Brakes on Bookmarks.

What’s it like to have a newly published book and watching for reviews? Carl Rollyson is in that stage and in agony with moments of delight. He’s been through it before, and depending on which book he’s had plenty of both. So why does a single author provoke responses varying from brilliant to “unreadable.” There are many factors, a few of which he shares in Reviewing Biographies.

Food and books, that is, cookbooks. What could be better than exploring “the ones that demand my attention most vociferously when I wander my shelves,” says Gillian Polack in Happy New Year: Said with Food and Books.

Lev Raphael has done numerous tours and public readings in his many years as an author but here he recalls the recent time when a panic attack hit him. Why, he wondered. So he set out to answer his own question: In the Shadow of the Duomo.

An e-mail to BiblioBuffet asking us to check into the whereabouts of a book remainder dealer whose website was down sent Lauren Roberts on a journey to discover the answer and to do a bit of reminiscing about a unique company in In Their Own Way.


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