Issue of September 9, 2012

We hope you enjoy our new issue in which Elizabeth Creith imagines a new book moving/organizational systems, Nicki Leone wonders about the ability of her books to multiply, Katherine Hauswirth discovers time and truth, and Lauren Roberts confronts fear.

Anyone who has ever moved with books knows the agony of it. The de-shelving, the packing, the acting hauling, the re-shelving. But one of the most difficult processes is packing sizes together. Elizabeth Creith came up with a hilarious but intriguing new system in Moving Books.

Do your books multiply when you aren’t looking? In When Books Multiply, Nicki Leone wishes she could say that but the truth is that they multiply under her tutelage—promotional copies, gifts, replacement copies (needed or not), various other odd reasons like re-buying books that she once deemed “not serious enough” to keep, and finally “sheer lust and obsession.”

Contemplating “truths” is what Katherine Hauswirth found in her two books, books “examining the inner lives of their central characters” and ‘”took liberties with time.” Yet though time is a central role in both, it was the thoughts of the characters, untied to that constraint, that in both cases focused on the truths found in the factual aspects of time in Day in the Life, Year in the Life.

When fear overtakes and replaces courage in your life, how do you handle it? In Courage in a Book, Lauren Roberts confronted that question recently when she found herself almost paralyzed to inaction. The solution? A book, specifically a book about truly courageous women that helped break the aura of fear yet also left a large question of its own behind.


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