Issue of August 26, 2012

Come and join our columnists Elizabeth Creith (with her wacky sense of biblio-humor), Nicki Leone (a reader’s reader), Katherine Hauswirth (a lover of readerly connections), and me, a reader about town for our latest contributions.

Almost everyone who is a passionate reader as an adult was a passionate reader as a child, and it is those books that we so often look back on with affection. Nicki Leone recalls her books and her childhood through her own bookshelves in Reverting to Childhood: Recreating My Childhood Bookshelf, or All My Favorites That No One Has Ever Heard Of.

There are nerd groups and there are book groups, but who knew there is a book nerd group. Elizabeth Creith is a proud member of such a group and here she reveals some little known facts and puts to bed one unfounded rumor (or so she says) in Book Nerdery.

Poetry is sometimes said to be a finer house than prose, but this week Katherine Hauswirth found that a novel led easily not to the author’s poems it referenced but to the poems of Sylvia Plath who shared the devastating end to her life as the novel’s protagonist in Constant Companion.

A book that is shared can often create bonds between the lender and the recipient. But in the case of Lauren Roberts who, in Sharing a Book, talks about how a special volume that wove its way among three people has left behind it memories “deeply embedded in the pages of that book regardless of whose library it currently graces.”


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