Issue of August 12, 2012

Things are hot! Not just with the weather, but with books too. And each of our columnists up this week has some great suggestions. Look us all over and see if you find something just right for your summer reading.

When couples commute together what do they talk about? If they are both readers, it is likely their current books. If, as happened to Elizabeth Creith, one spouse happens to be reading about bacteria then the realization where humans are on the bacteria scale can breed the diverse but apparently not incompatible humble and snarky responses she finds in Thank You, Stephen Jay Gould.

In an unusual combination of books read this past week—one a classic piece of fiction, the other a graphic adaption of a controversial science text—Katherine Hauswirth, in In the Beginning…, found a common thread: that “we must be we must be careful about what we choose to create, and we must be responsible for the products that spring from us. Both books remind us that, regardless of how life started, it must be a thoughtful, wise, and connected system that allows it to thrive.”

People have, at various points in their lives and sometimes for vastly different reasons, used rivers to find their way through their lives at difficult times. In a review of a new midlife-crisis-to-river-trip book, Nicki Leone finds a man who learned, above all, to “listen” in Dipping Your Hands into the River.

Pets and books have a certain relationship that often causes the cats and dogs to view them as chewing toys. At least in Lauren’s household, and now, it appears in Nicki’s as well. Lauren Roberts shares both her annoyance and her gratitude for those small mementos embedded in the cardboard and leather volumes that become more than just holes in The Literary Pet.


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