Issue of August 5, 2012

In this, the first week of the last full month of summer, the reading is flowing hot and heavy with our contributors. If you want some new ideas for worthy reading, check us out.

Cataloging comes naturally to librarians but how about to bookmark collectors? Yes, if they happen to be librarians—or simply want an effective way to organize their collections. Laine Farley details the system she set up as well as how and why it works for (and will work for others) in Cataloging and Classifying Bookmarks.

Where do the fairy tales and folk tales so many of us remember from childhood fit in speculative fiction? Gillian Polack explores the complex and sometimes unusual roles they play with three different international writers in Modern Approaches to the Fairy Tale.

Martha Gellhorn may be more well known for her marriage to Ernest Hemingway but in truth she is one of the most remarkable writers of the twentieth century. She has fascinated Carl Rollyson for a long time, and in A Tale of Two Biographies he shares not only how she impacted his own career but contributed a “vital element” to a “significant period of history.”

As you know if you read her editor’s letter regularly, Lauren Roberts adores adventure books, the more miserable the journey the better. Well, she found a new one went beyond the desired misery and offered up an unexpectedly brilliant elegance in the realm of African history: In the Heat of the Book.


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