Issue of July 22, 2012

In this week’s issue, we have some hot reading to match your weather that will only, we promise, heat up your excitement. So with a recommended tall and frosted glass of iced tea in hand, we encourage you to check out what you will find on BiblioBuffet this week.

The world of the fantastical, that is, sword-and-sorcery literature, comes alive in wonderful ways in a new anthology that, according to Gillian Polack in Introducing Sword and Sorcery, “lets the stories shine (for it is a good selection) on their own merits” and “that it plays with extreme emotions and adjectives and toys with the absolute.”

What makes an authority in the world of biography? Carl Rollyson, in The Historian is His Own Authority, Part 2, continues his discussion of what he feels makes a “true biographer” who “brings to the telling of history a deeply imaginative sensibility that relies on and yet transcends the very ‘authorities’ on which his narrative is based.”

This week, Dan Crawford, the author of a popular blog about a book fair, shares his ongoing adventures with the backside of the fair as it progresses to opening day. Lauren Roberts turns her editor’s letter over to him so you can read all about it in Behind the Scenes . . .

Though the weather these days does not call for warm wool clothing the textile is nevertheless a prominent one in the world of clothing. Lauren Roberts searched the skeins of history to explore the wonderful world of wool in Wool Marks.


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