Issue of July 15, 2012

It’s hot! I don’t mean just temperature wise, though it is certainly that, but at BiblioBuffet too. Check out our newest issue for some of the hottest literary writing around. We promise it won’t make you uncomfortable.

Elizabeth Creith, our resident biblio-humorist, takes on the world of abridgements and their less-than-whole contributions to her life in a wonderfully funny way in Burn that Abridgment When We Come To It.

Aren’t there times when even the most urban dweller wants to “notice more about, those things that man cannot make, the many elements of nature that live beside us, so often unnoticed”? Katherine Hauswirth shares her thoughts on two books whose authors did just that in Long Live the Watchers.

Inspiration hits authors in many different ways, and Lev Raphael describes how a writers’ conference prompted him to make a leap into a genre in which he had never imagined writing in Bitten.

Richard III comes into Nicki Leone’s life in a particularly unsettling way but she finds that the depth of character and the use of language—Shakespeare’s specialty—throws far more into the story than she could have anticipated in Bent Dick.

Losing a parent is the natural order of things but it is still a devastating loss. Lauren Roberts shares her feelings on her father’s recent death in The Light Has Gone Out.


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