Issue of July 8, 2012

Is it hot where you live? The odds are the answer is yes. So what could be better on a hot day than a cool reading spot under a large tree? Check out what we are talking about to find just the right book for just that day.

Technology is changing the face of publishing at a dramatic pace. Today anyone can publish anything. But many readers still demand quality. How, in this new publishing landscape, can new high-quality publishers be found? Gillian Polack shares her enthusiasm for one in New Words from a New Press.

Who is the authority of a biography? The biographer? Carl Rollyson uses the experiences of Harper Lee’s biographer as well as his own to explore  how each biographer “brings to the telling of history a deeply imaginative sensibility that relies on and yet transcends the very ‘authorities’ on which his narrative is based” in The Biographer is His Own Story, Part 1.

What is Lauren Roberts reading? Beginning this week, she plans to tell all in On the Reading Road, and in doing so to share the books that don’t always make it into review but that do make themselves part of her life.


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