Issue of July 1, 2012

It’s summer with the holiday just a few days away. And since July 4 falls in the middle of the week, this year may be one where fewer people than usual take long trips and more will stay close to home. In which case, of course, it’s a perfect day for lazing about under a tree, book in hand. Which one will it be for you?

Its sole purpose in life is to hold things together, a rather important task when one thinks about it. Laine Farley explores what turns out to be an extensive history of some of the gorgeous bookmarks from competing manufacturers who advertised their threads along with their complex rivalries on these bits of paper in Threads.

Fzzt! Is that a sound, one made when water meets electricity, one ever really wants to hear? Elizabeth Creith ponders the “advances” made in money and books for humans who haven’t made any equal advances in how they handle them in Who Thinks of This Stuff?

Watching your children choose books can often bring back memories of one’s own childhood favorites. This week, Katherine Hauswirth recalls the one book with “a genuine good feeling imbued by the story that survives the wider perspective that a century brings” in Katherine’s Little (Vintage) Indulgence.

Food is the one common language that every culture in every country in the world understands. Regardless of how we eat and what we eat the fact is we all eat. Nicki Leone, who understands this probably better than anyone, shares her delight with a new southern cookbook with a twist in The World Outside My Skillet.

Sometimes truths come to us in the form of great books, great tragedies, great encounters. Other times they appear in forms and in places where one would never expect to find them. Lauren Roberts found a few of her own in an expected book in Small Joys, Big Truths.


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