Issue of June 17, 2012

A busy, complicated and even stressful week often calls for some good reading time where some peace and serenity can be found. We have that here, and we hope you enjoy it.

We all feel an affinity with authors we love, but what happens when that affinity becomes something deeper and we want to be part of a favorite book or make it our own in a unique way? Lev Raphael explores how he did just that in Literary Licence?

Ah, those long-ago patrons, the saviors of medieval artists. Would Elizabeth Creith’s dream of having one today turn out to match the reality? Find out as she looks at the dream and the likely reality, side by side in Pass the Scotch and Birdseed.

Would it surprise anyone to realize that books alone don’t make a library? Nicki Leone recently discovered that when, after filling her new bookshelves she still found something missing. In The Tools of the Trade, she shares how Mom (and a carpenter) completed her library.

In life, there are times when we are required to make a hurried decision that may well yield a fateful outcome. It’s unavoidable—same as real life. Katherine Hauswirth recently read two novels that reminded her (and will every reader) of several truths about living life in The Point of No Return.

Appliances to clean the flooring in one’s home have included tree branches, brooms, rug beaters, carpet sweepers, and vacuums. Lauren Roberts sweeps through a short but interesting history of the carpet sweeper and the Bissell people who made the transition between brooms and today’s vacuums a fascinating reality in “Pleasanter Things.”

Lauren Roberts wishes you all a very good week and invites you to partake of our newest columns in This Week.


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