Issue of June 10, 2012

When BiblioBuffet began life in early January 2006, the revolution in publishing had barely been born. Signs of life were overlaid with enormous doubt by many. Yet as that revolution has grown to encompass e-books and quality self-publishing so have authors risen to meet it. Our submission standards for books seeking review has changed too because we believe that good books, no matter their source, deserve notice. And this week, Carl Rollyson addresses that very issue.

Fantasy! Worlds of rich imagination that explore real social and cultural questions have always attracted Gillian Polack to them. And now a much beloved series led her to the author and to an interview where the author shares how he developed the story, sold it, about how one novel became four, and what happened when readers entered the picture.

Self-publishing has been much on Carl Rollyson’s mind lately, and in this issue he begins what will be an in-depth exploration of the value of self-publishing to the biographer. Is it true that there are “no small subjects, just small biographers”? Find out in The Self-Published Biography.

It is amazing the art that is being made out of books, some of it so beautiful as to be ethereal. But can that same tag be applied to bookshelves that seem created to be than places for actual books than works of art that happen to shelve items known as books? Lauren Roberts surprises herself with some new feelings about shelves that are more self-centered than book-centered in What Shall We Call It?


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