Issue of May 27, 2012

With the Memorial Day weekend starting the “official” start of the summer season, the barbecues are now out of storage, the pools and mountain trails, and ocean waves are filled with happy vacationers, and that “easy summer living” is in the air.

The “what if’s” that fiction is often built around haunt biographers who must stick to facts. Carl Rollyson discloses alluring meetings that did take place between several of his subjects but which, to date, have never surfaced in any archived material left behind by those subjects. No letters, no diaries, not even mentions to friends. So what happened? In Only Connect, he can only speculate.

“I like to look at any two versions of the same text, side by side, and see how they differed and how that difference reflect technological history and cultural history and perceptions of how that particular tale should look,” says Gillian Polack as she explores her love of manuscripts, old books, and modern books in The Personality of Books.

When life becomes overwhelming our bodies and minds show it. Lauren Roberts found a solution for her own anxiety recently on her bookshelves where a book that had sat neglected for years suddenly found itself a source of healing: Learning to Live Again.


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