Issue of May 20, 2012

Laugh at a crazy book. Learn about the sensitivity and trauma of translation. What could make corn taste a bit better than a short history of it? Learn a bit more about life through novels. We have it all, and more this week.

What’s it like to find yourself confronted by your own words translated into another language? Are they yours, and if not, can you claim them? Indefatigable book tourer Lev Raphael describes what happened to his memoir when it became a German book in “Found in Translation?”.

When an indefatigable collector of books finds a book she just has to have—manikin?—she, well, gets it. Elizabeth Creith begins with a word then moves into more than she could have possibly bargained for in The Hermaphroditic Horse.

Nicki Leone’s bedtime stories are probably not the bedtime stories of many. But perhaps they should be. An author who writes some of the finest stories that may be unusual but are also splendid as she shares in Bedtime Stories: The Little Books of César Aira.

With the Memorial Day weekend and holiday barbecues less than two weeks away, Lauren Roberts decided to re-visit a cornfield—not for fresh corn but for a story about corn in the form of a bookmark that essentially created the ears we eat today in A Hybrid Saga.

Katherine Hauswirth, in Creating Family, talks about  two books that, at least initially, seemed to have little in common except for the pregnant women they featured. Yet as she read through them she came to realize that they shared much more—overlapping lives, unexpected discoveries, ashes rising, home rediscovered.

Lauren Roberts hopes that all of BiblioBuffet’s readers have a wonderful week of books ahead in Best Wishes.


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