Issue of May 13, 2012

In this week’s issue, we have some fabulous reading for you. Whatever your choices in reading matter, we hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, and we wish you the best for the new week.

Poet Amy Lowell finds new life with a complex new biography that “restores the life and work of one of the twentieth century’s most important poets.” Carl Rollyson explores her life and work through the author’s eyes including the poem that not only celebrates one of her great subjects but also claims rights as one of the great poems in the English language in Amy Lowell: Diva Poet.

Oscar Wilde. Just reading the name conjures up a vast array of images: plays, a book, essays, witticisms, homosexuality, jail, disgrace, and much more. When Gillian Polack was recently asked to write an introduction she decided that an preliminary trip through many of his works was in order—and that’s just what she gives us in Introducing Mr Wilde.

Mom and books have both played a large role in Lauren Roberts’ life, and she takes a brief stroll down memory lane, in Mom’s Love of Books and Me, to visit new feelings arising from those old memories that loom rather large during these times when she and her parents have reversed caregiving roles.


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