Issue of May 6, 2012

May flowers have arrived, at least in most places, and the days are warmer, perfect for outdoor reading (among other activities). Who doesn’t enjoy barbecues, swimming, biking or hiking, and lounging? The latter is particularly enjoyable when accompanied by a book, and this week we have some great suggestions for you.

Some of the best life lessons come from cats and books. But put the two together and there may not always been happiness. Lauren Roberts shares three lessons recently re-learned about the mix and also a new cookbook that will put spice into your meals in Notes to Self.

Laine Farley found an incongruous bookmark that was not so much interesting for itself, though it had oddly interesting elements, but for its publisher, a manufacturer of political and advertising buttons, lapel studs, and novelty items in the late 1800s, and especially for one of the founders in Now, Good Digestion Wait on Appetite, And Health on Both.

The definition and roots of success and failure are not always what they may seem. In her most recent readings, Katherine Hauswirth explored in depth the story behind one of the most popular songs and singers in twentieth-century America as well as the often unrecognized factors that are involved in both in The Makings of Success.

Growing up wanting to learn about everything and learning that there is a publisher who seems to publish just that was the beginning of Nicki Leone’s journey into the world of Penguin and a book that she terms a “general history in the grand scale model” in When I Wanted to Know Everything in the World.

Elizabeth Creith shares, in Who’s Sleeping Under Your Bed?, how delighted (and relieved) she was to realize the bogeyman wasn’t real—and didn’t, thankfully, have a place to hide either in her closet or under the bed, the former because she doesn’t have any, the latter because she has filled the latter space with boxes of books.


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