Issue of April 29, 2012

You are going to want to read our newest columns this week from Gillian Polack and Carl Rollyson who share their thoughts on a new biography and on how reading and lives intersect. Join us!

With a new biography of Marilyn Monroe soon to hit the bookstores, Carl Rollyson took the opportunity to review the landscape of biographies about this complex woman and to place within that landscape the latest which, he says in The Marilyn Monroe of Biography, is outstanding.

Reading is not so much a part of our leisure time as of our lives, which enter into the way we read. Moods affect not only what we read but how we react to it, and Gillian Polack shares in The Reader and the Book that the “relationship between myself and my books was not  normal.”

Family medical issues and the need to incorporate (every) weekend trips into Lauren Roberts’ life mean that her flipping reading has become a bit sporadic. Nevertheless, her letter to BiblioBuffet readers this week includes the beginning of a fantastic listing of small publishers (some self-published) that she encountered through her volunteer work as a judge for a national book contest in Off Again.


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