Issue of April 22, 2012

With the exception of those who like to file extensions, taxes are done and spring is beckoning. So go forth and enjoy it—with a book in hand.

Is a “blook” a book or a typo? Elizabeth Creith who admits to being particularly sensitive to words, especially book words. But is this new one the one that will drive her over the wall into craziness? Find out in We Don’t Say That Word in This House …

With civil liberties under assault in the name of security, it is worth exploring how and why they developed. And the reason didn’t begin with the Constitution or Bill of Rights, but instead with a man far less well known to history than the usual early names. Nicki Leone shares her love of a new book that takes the road lesser known but possibly more important in What We Owe to Mr. Williams.

The unhealthy aspects of tobacco and alcohol are well known, and for some people they are nothing less than destructive. However, for others these two substances go beyond health and into sin. Lauren Roberts finally pulls out her least favorite bookmark to explore how they translate into Fleshy Corruption.

Escape was the name of the game for Katherine Hauswirth’s latest set of reading, and she found it in two novels that went beyond the “candy” and became instead “a reminder to listen to dreams and nagging inner voices” and to viewing life differently as she plunged Into the Yonder, Wild Blue and Otherwise.

Twenty-two books along in his career, Lev Raphael looks at the changes in publishing and the very different lives of full-time authors versus authors ensconced in universities in Writing Outside the Academy.

On the Road may have been the title of Jack Kerouac’s most famous book, but it also describes Lauren Roberts’ life these days as she juggles weekday work and weekend trips to assist family in time of need. Some days she even gets some reading in, and when that involves Dad it becomes extra special.


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