Issue of April 1, 2012

Come dine with us on a wide range of literary dishes offered by BiblioBuffet’s columnists as we take you from critical to craziness in this delicious issue. Join us!

When biographies are written about a single subject, they come in sequence, each building on the other. But how does the primary or first one differ? And why does it matter that it differs? Carl Rollyson explores the “the biographical process” particularly in regards to his upcoming biography of Sylvia Plath in Primary and Colonizing Biography.

How does one find books to read? The Internet has provided an overwhelming number of sources, but for Gillian Polack, particularly when seeking recommendations for books that focus on Women’s History Month, she turned to “people and their hearts” (primarily writers) who shared works they love in Navigating the Unvoid.

Checking in with three celebrated sports authors to uncover their perspectives on certain elements in writing books, Pete Croatto discovers some wise (and witty) words of advice in I’m Just Curious, Part II.

A recent decision by the Board of Education in New York City immediately captured Lauren Roberts’ attention, and she took advantage of their brain loss to create an essay in a properly banned format in Coming Soon to a School Near You!


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