Issue of March 25, 2012

In this week’s issue, we have not only some fabulous reading recommendations for you—see in particular “Reading the Truth”—but we also include a lot of other fun things. To be sure you don’t miss anything, read it all.

Reality television shows are not new to the medium but their focus on titillation has eclipsed their original intent. When Katherine Hauswirth wanted to turn her attention to reality grounded in truth, uncomfortable truth, she turned to two books where she found meaning in “the most chaotic places” in Intensive Care, Intensive Caring.

Nicki Leone discovers a fabulous new novel where a hair salon in Harare, Zimbabwe becomes the focal point of two people trying to put their lives back together while wrestling with secrets in their past in Love and Highlights in Harare.

With the disturbingly frequent use of “text speak,” it sometimes feels as if language is splintering into a buffet: some of this, some of that, take your chances. Elizabeth Creith has found humor in an increasingly frustrating world of initials, lowercase letters, and numbers that mean actual things in Text Abuse.

Home should be one of the sweetest places in our lives as it provides a sanctuary from the world. A bookmark celebrating the famous song took Lauren Roberts on a journey into the history of the song and its composer in Coming Home.

Being the editor of a literary publication is truly rewarding. One of those rewards is being part of contributors’ lives as they move into new challenges and turn out achievements. Lauren Roberts shares one recent experience in Making a Book.


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