Change is the only constant is an old saying, but one that seems to be a fixture in my life. BiblioBuffet is no different. A few months ago Lindsay Champion who wrote the column Memoirama, asked to leave because she wanted to concentrate on her novel and also had the opportunity to return to beloved New York and join the staff on a magazine devoted to another love, theatre. It hurt to lose her. Nicki and I worked with Lindsay for two years, and during that space of time we saw a naturally gifted writer grow into an experienced veteran of the written word.

Then last week, Pete Croatto, whose writing has been getting noticed in more publications, including the Christian Science Monitor, has asked to cut back to a monthly column. Of course I agreed even though I felt, as I did when Lindsay asked to move on, hurt. As his editor, I could do nothing less. I value BiblioBuffet’s columnists as much as I value my role in their careers. It is up to me to encourage the writers to become the best they can be. That also means I must face up to the fact that at some point I will gain some and lose some. And I cannot allow my personal feelings to intrude onto my professional responsibilities. Both the pride of nurturing gifted writers and the wounds in losing them to other gigs is part of being an editor. And so as Pete moves forward so do I. It is a learning process on both sides, and one I must value as much as I do the writers.

Thank you, Lindsay and Pete and all our previous contributors. You are the heart and soul of BiblioBuffet, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


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