Issue of March 18, 2012

This week we cover the world of authors and books in a wide-ranging exploration of literary boundaries. Check out the new columns of Gillian Polack, Lev Raphael, Pete Croatto, and Carl Rollyson as well as the weekly editor’s letter from Lauren Roberts.

Lev Raphael interviews the author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything and Between Heaven and Mirth, and discovers that James Martin, SJ, is as funny and entertaining outside his books as he is inside of them in Joy to the World?

In Australia, the world of heroic fantasy recently lost one of its most important writers at a young age. Gillian Polack remembers her impact on the country’s genre writers and what she accomplished not only on but beyond the printed page in Sara Douglass: Lost Footsteps.

As Carl Rollyson’s upcoming book on Hollywood star Dana Andrews nears its publication date, he dreams of turning it into a movie with himself as screenwriter. But as he shares in Biopics, inaccuracies he routinely exorcises from his biography somehow made it into his film script due to his creative imagination.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise around in addition to being a popular sport for millions or as Pete Croatto notes, it is a “common act with uncommon impact.” In What We Talk About When We Talk About Walking, he reviews a book that goes beyond the pedestrian act into the extraordinarily wide world of walking.

If life is a book then Lauren Roberts has a rather complicated one open before her. While there is not much time for reading, it is nevertheless making an impact, which she shares, briefly, in The Book of Life.


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