Issue of March 4, 2012

Each day is getting a bit brighter and a bit longer. For some of us, spring is already here, for others it is more slowly entering nature’s consciousness. But regardless of how your days feel there is always time to discover emerging books and ideas. That’s what we have for you.

What is it like to have a biographer seeking out the inner sanctum of someone to whom you have a deeply personal relationship? And how does the feelings that searching brings up translate to information for the biographer? Carl Rollyson explores what happens at his end when resistance meets need in A Biographer on Your Doorstep.

How books and stories and how their telling of stories and the copying of books and the retelling of stories create cultures and underpins the thoughts a society has about itself is the focus on Gillian Polack’s interest in Cultural Memory and the Stories We Tell.

A desperate search for a book that wasn’t  a cookie cutter sports memoir led Pete Croatto to make a fortuitous discovery on his library’s bookshelves: an “unexpected salvation” in the form of a 2010 book by a baseball player that “can serve as a handbook for athletes and for fans,” a book he enthusiastically shares in The Professional.

From zero to 60 in reading. Lauren Roberts recently found herself moving that fast through some “cleansing” books designed to wipe away a disturbing doorstop of a book, and found herself on a journey of  engagement in Voyages of Solitude and Discovery.


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