Issue of February 26, 2012

In this week’s issue, we have some fabulous reading for you. And some great book recommendations. Check all of our columns out for some textual fun in the sun.

Guest columnist and fellow bookmark enthusiast Beryl Kenyon de Pascual shares her discoveries of what often stays hidden from collectors within the folds of these tiny pieces of ephemera in Look for the Detail! Some are gorgeous, some  hide secrets, some are even naughty. It’s worth looking.

Do you lay or do you lie? Can you do both? Elizabeth Creith, a passionate defender of the English language, often finds herself wanting to shriek from the rooftops when she’s not gnashing her teeth over the finer (and correct points) of lie and lay in both the proper and improper sense of the words in I Lied—or is That Laid?

“What is it that makes some hang on, while others walk away when the marriage hits a rough patch?” asks Katherine Hauswirth in The Marriage Puzzle. Rhetorical it might be, but the question is one that two recent novels explore in different yet similar situations.

Nicki Leone has been reading Southern literature and growing Southern food ever since she moved to North Carolina twenty years ago. But she still found herself surprised and thrilled when a new-to-her writer showed her, in Not Only the Hills Should Remember that she still had a lot to learn with a collection of short stories in such “achingly beautiful language” that “one can hardly bear to stop reading.”

What’s a book lover to do when a limited budget meets unlimited book passion? Or when books on the floor clash with the dust bunnies hiding around them? In Planned Books, Lauren Roberts moves on from organizing to removing books in order to find a new aesthetic for her life: fewer books, more love.


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