Issue of February 12, 2012

Books and more books. We have them here so why not dive right in to our columns this week and find some good ones for yourself?

Is society moving too much into the excuses for behavior realm? Katherine Hauswirth used two books that explored, in different ways, how children and adults can be labeled as diagnoses rather than as individuals in Notes from the Spectrum.

As anyone who has read her columns for these past six years knows Nicki Leone loves books. Passionately. In fact, they have been at the basis of how she’s made her living all her adult life. But loving them means reading them without much concern for their packaging. To some readers that is a mortal sin. To Nicki, it is just reading as she explains in No Respect!

Why are some people attracted to collecting bookmarks? Why don’t serious libraries and museums that focus on collecting other aspects American culture bother with bookmarks? In Why Bookmarks? Lauren Roberts wonders why bits of ephemera that may be small but are mighty when it comes to understanding their time and their place don’t get the respect they deserve.

Is it possible to have a blank wall in a book lover’s home? Elizabeth Creith, in The Wide Open Spaces, says yes, and not only can you, you should have one for those times when you find a book that needs to be thrown against it—and your own books don’t deserve to be hit.

The Final Solution may have been the title of one of the saddest Sherlock Holmes stories ever written but it also has a good connotation for Lauren Roberts. This week, in Coloring Books: The Final Solution she finds the right way to organize her library’s books so it makes sense and makes for a happy reader.


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