Issue of February 5, 2012

This week, you’ll find a review of a sports book that even most sports fans would probably like, an amusing and forthright journey of an American biographer in London (and the cultural confusions that can arise), a fantasyland of new books, and even more bookcase confusion. We hope you enjoy it.

When a biographer heads off to do research, especially in another country, what can he expect? Carl Rollyson, in London Diary, finds that England offers enormous satisfactions and an equal number of frustrations, probably exactly what his subjects found in their lives there too.

Whose “to be read” stack isn’t tottering? Not Gillian Polack, who decided to take a major whack at her over-the-top pile from just one publisher and found, in A Pile of Pyr, a  “lovely, fantasy journey reading through them.”

Legacies need more than time to find their place in history books; they also need an ally. Pete Croatto discovered a superb book about a basketball team that has found such an ally and the story, written in tribute, shows a time when “passion for the game trumped everything else” in Resurrecting Legends.

More bookcase drama ensued when Lauren Roberts, having lived with her recent reorganization of her books by color (to match her furnishings) for several days, decided that the discomfort of confusion outweighed the need for decorating harmony and revised her book placement decisions in Coloring Books, Part II.


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