Issue of January 8, 2012

We’re starting off this year with a bang. With what, you ask. Why a birthday celebration, a commanding review of a controversial new book, a biting review of a book that looks at wrongful success, and a look at personal literary loves.

Adolf Hitler is not a subject that most biographers approach with a humanistic touch, which is no surprise. However, a coming biography that does exactly that attracted Carl Rollyson’s attention to such a degree that he is actually writing three pieces on it for three different publications. The longest, most detailed one is here with honest, biting commentary of the book, its author, and its difficult subject in Springtime for Hitler.

Discovering what books other readers love is almost a passion with Gillian Polack, who, in her last column, queried her friends, and this week queried BiblioBuffet’s team. What books older than one hundred years were their favorites? Come find out in Beloved Books: Part Two.

A new book about a basketball player many sports fans—and especially the author—have come to view as not having paid his dues is, while sounding initially like a lengthy rant, actually became a “bitingly honest, soulful book” and, according to Pete Croatto, one well worth reading as he shares in The Wrong Kind of Success Story.

BiblioBuffet is entering its seventh year, and Lauren Roberts shares a bit of her feelings about what has changed and what has remained the same from 1/8/06 to now in Seven Years Old!


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