Issue of January 1, 2012

It’s a fresh start—at least on the calendar. Here at BiblioBuffet we have some incredible reading recommendations to start your new year off right. Join us for a reading extravaganza in 2012.

How can a two-thousand-year-old poem seem so modern? Nicki Leone muses on de rerum natura (on the nature of things) in Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Katherine Hauswirth takes a sobering journey through the world of genocide in the World War II era with two books—a children’s novel and a read-long-ago book recently rediscovered memoir—that helped her realize that “there’s a great and profound comfort” to be found even in the worst horrors in Number the Heroes.

“What kind of person has a purge rule in the library?” Not me, thought Elizabeth Creith, who was confronted with this question over the holiday season and who found a kind of accommodation to it in Vat Iss Diss Vord “Purge”?

Bookmarks have, as our readers know, interesting histories but some are more interesting than most. Laine Farley found that to be the case in her exploration of the story behind two bookmarks that advertised an importer of delicate clothing accessories in Crime and Lace.

With the new year comes lots of new things, resolutions being one of them. But when resolutions arise from guilt rather than aspiration our determination can get bogged down in the mire of remorse and blame. Lauren Roberts has found a better way for herself in Riding Into the New Year.


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