Issue of December 25, 2011

We at BiblioBuffet wish all of our readers a fond and wonderful holiday season! Take care, and we will see you in the New Year.

Lauren Roberts sends lots of holiday greetings to BiblioBuffet’s wonderful readers in this, the last issue of 2011 in Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Books aren’t created to be bad, but sometimes they are. Pete Croatto explores the common factors that make up bad sports-related books—what readers should lo0k for—and how authors can avoid them so readers don’t have to avoid them, in The Architecture of a Terrible Sports Book.

Cool books that are more than one hundred years old? Yes, indeed. Gillian Polack reached out far and wide in her search for authors, writers, and readers who have deep feelings for old books that still light the flame of passion within them in Beloved Books.

Biographers often tread tricky pathways in their research, and one of the most touchy of all can be relatives who have also become “keepers of the flame.” Carl Rollyson’s background work on his upcoming biography of poet Sylvia Plath has him feeling the bludgeon of Ted Hughes and others, a process he describes in Proprietary Biography.


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