Issue of December 4, 2011

In this week’s issue, we have lots of fabulous reading for you. From an interview with the author of a new book on 1970s skyjacker D.B. Cooper to holiday shopping suggestions to recommendations of several outstanding books. It’s all here. Get a cup of hot tea and join us.

Nicki Leone terms a recent and much beloved book an “allegorical illustration of an allegorical poem,” but also, she notes, “there is more here, more to be heard, more to be learned,” in an intimate way and that’s what she shares in What Enlightenment Looks Like.

What does the word “home” actually mean? Katherine Hauswirth explores that question within the context of two books that “evoked a true sense of being home” in Where We Find Home.

The theme of Christmas through bookmarks is a nostalgic journey into the world of Art Deco and its stylized art for Laine Farley who shares some of her early twentieth century collection of beauties in Decorama—Holiday Style.

It’s time for Elizabeth Creith to come clean—and she does. Who knew she was a polysyllable whore? Are you one too? Find out in True Confessions.

Forty years later the question still haunts: Who was D.B. Cooper? Guest columnist Mike Yawn talked with the author of a new and impressive account of the crime, the theories, and the possible man in Welcome to Cooperland: An Interview with Geoffrey Gray.

Seeking literary gifts in the $100-$500 range? Lauren Roberts has ‘em—good ones too even if you are just looking—as well as some other fun reading in Literary Gift Guide, Part 3.


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