Issue of November 20, 2011

With the Thanksgiving holiday weekend coming up, we want to wish each one of you a happy, safe time. Take time for yourself and your closest loved ones. Don’t fret, don’t stress. If you don’t eat or like turkey, have anything you do. Don’t cater to others; just enjoy them. And most of all, find time to read or re-read something you love. Holidays are or should be about choices that work for you, that give you pleasure and peace.

The books they share take second place only to the memories of their sharing. Nicki Leone begins her holiday season (and ours) with a warm tribute to the role of her mother in her real and literary life in Mom, the Perfect Reader.

Thanks to our newest contributor, biblio-humorist Elizabeth Creith, I learned a new word. I already knew that “lights out” are anathema to all devoted readers, but I didn’t know there is help for it—if one wants it: Confessions of a Librocubicularist.

Who at some point (or many points) hasn’t dream of a secluded existence where choices are few and obligations simple? Katherine Hauswirth shares, in Cloister Talk, that maybe such ideas are not that simple, and that wise decisions are better based on our own self-determined roles.

Pharmacies play such a large role in our health—from dispensing prescribed medications to carrying simple aspirin—that it is easy to ignore how far they have come as Lauren Roberts describes in Pharm-ing Bookmarks.

The opening of the “holiday shopping season” opens this week, and for those seeking gifts of a literary nature Lauren Roberts has suggestions organized by price—beginning with free in Literary Gift Guide, Part 1.


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