Issue of November 6, 2011

Beauty could well be the title of this issue because of the different yet similar approaches to it in each of the new columns. Please join us for a trip into the worlds of beauty as seen in books, bookmarks, and reading.

“For Janisse Ray, the Altamaha River is the background music of her life,” is the start of Nicki Leone’s passionate review of a new book she calls “something between a poem and a prayer, a sermon and a scientific study, a memoir and a field journal” in She Paddles in Beauty.

Bookmarks with Art Deco designs, especially those featuring “windowpane” or cut out designs, have captured Laine Farley’s heart—and a big portion of her bookmark collection. How that style came about and how it translated into bookmarks is what she discovered and now shares in Decorama.

There is no season that is not right for reading, but there’s something about cold weather that is particularly suited to books read while cuddled under a blanket on the sofa with cats draped over shoulders and legs says Lauren Roberts in A Season of Favorites.

Books, says Katherine Hauswirth, “fall into my life in pairs.” That’s what her column is all about, and this week she finds that an unusual duo, one fiction and one nonfiction, about not just what’s “being read” is about but also the layers of meaning that can be found and the choices we make with them.  in What’s in the Cards?


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