Issue of October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween, everyone! We hope you enjoy the holiday, but please keep yourselves, your children, and your pets safe this holiday season.

The story behind the stories of science fiction and fantasy are what Gillian Polack explores in her interview with two well-known SFF authors who “have set the science fictional world rocking with their hard-edged writing” in Keeping It Real.

Two memoirs from two writers who both included significant amounts of sportswriting among their experiences captured Pete Croatto’s imagination this week. Though only one, in his opinion, soars both nevertheless provide insights into the writer’s world beyond his published words in The Sportswriters Speak.

Though an unfortunate amount of fiction has entered memoirs, biography tends to stand on “facts, testimony, documents, and so on.” Can good fiction sufficiently inform on a real person so that a biographer can learn something new from a novelist “who turns his hand to a well-worn and fairly well documented story?” Carl Rollyson asks himself this question in Biographical Fictions.

Halloween is a great excuse to pull out some classic fiction that deals in the fanciful, the horror, and the imagination. So Lauren Roberts tackled her bookshelves and came up with two nights’ worth of reading (and listening) that should provide some spine-tingling chills in Spooks and Goblins on the Page.


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