Issue of October 23, 2011

In this week’s issue, we have some fabulous reading recommendations for you along with a tour of one of history’s most fascinating women. We hope you enjoy it all.

A collection of Ozarks-based short stories “filled with an aching beauty” uses violence in “the kinds of us-versus-them conflicts that can make people do criminal things” in Outside of the Law. According to Nicki Leone, the stories are so beautiful she’s almost afraid to pick up any more fiction because it’s sure to disappoint.

Two novels that focus on the relationships between sibling or sibling-like friendships captured Katherine Hauswirth’s attention this week as she explores the sometimes difficult bond and memories that can engendered rifts, disgust, severances and, in some and perhaps many cases, common ground in Familiarity and Contempt.

Long before Martha Stewart, there was Isabella Beeton. This famous nineteenth-century British woman promoted household arts, particularly cooking, to an almost celebrity-like stature and even now, nearly 150 years after her death, cookbooks in her name continue to be issued. Lauren Roberts explores the history of the woman, the book, and the fame in The Cookery Queen.

This week marks the first of four in which Lauren Roberts is going to take a slight break from the personal section of her editor’s letter. The rest of the letter will be there, but until the annual Literary Gift Guide begins on Thanksgiving weekend it will only be filled with good wishes for great reading. See why in Change is the Only Constant in Life.


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