Issue of November 9, 2011

We apologize for missing last week’s issue. (And I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Nicki Leone, who was able to post our “issue delayed” notice.) As she stated, a computer death and the six days of issues surrounding it, put a real kink in our work. Happily, we have made up for it this week with a set of wonderful columns for you, ones you are going to love.

Nicki Leone has found one of the most beautiful books of 2011 in a translated novel by a former Nobel Prize winner that offers a wonderful story enhanced by “the journey . . . beautiful [and] golden” in Searching for the Golden.

Deep thinking is the focus of Katherine Hauswirth’s column this week, and two books that she talks about take very different paths there via authors who both take their readers along with them to “point out things without while causing us to look further within” in  Wandering with the Wonderers.

Guest columnist Elizabeth Creith joins us with It’s a Conspiracy, a drily humorous essay about whether there need be wasted shelf space because books are different heights, or if it is better to have more books that leads you to need more bookshelf space.

Celebrating melodic bookmarks is guest columnist Beryl Kenyon de Pascual, who in Musical Silhouettes shares some of her collection that celebrate classical music. Issued in both sets and singles, the bookmarks often use silhouettes to also honor the composers who range from Bach to Vivaldi.

What kind of books helped Lauren Roberts through a recent disaster with her computer? To her surprise, she found that the books she was able to read during this stressful time differed greatly from those that have helped her through a personal tragedy years before, a situation she ponders in Reading Choices.


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