Issue of September 4, 2011

We at BiblioBuffet hope you have/had a great Labor Day weekend. Regardless of what you chose to do, reading surely was among the activities. Right?

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 coming up and with Nicki Leone being out of town for about ten days we decided to re-run one of her most dramatic columns, Voice from the Past . . . My Own. This solemn reminiscence, complete with the short audio program it is built on, is not only a powerful memory of terrible events but of the subsequent joy she found in life afterward.

In an interview with Lauren Roberts, a long-time and passionate bookmark collector shares not only part of his collection but his story about how his passion for this type of ephemera came about in Bookmarking a Life: Meet Don Baldwin.

In her inaugural column, Katherine Hauswirth uses two novels to explore the dark shadows that can “hover over those close to a murder of disappearance,” and how the human spirit can discover some goodness out of such devastation in Requiem for the Lost.

When, in an attempt to be a fair and ethical journalist, one is  subjected to “filth” in the name of information, what can be done? One man made a choice, and Lauren Roberts was so taken with his expression of what she has been feeling that she asked to share it. He agreed: Those  Small Momentous Decisions.


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  1. I have so missed having time to read Bibliobuffet! And this blog. Today, for the first time in months, I’ve had some discretionary time, and I went on a run and now here I am. I’ve enjoyed catching up on past issues of the journal. Love your editorial on giving away your Dad’s books. And I had no idea you had no TV. Loved the bookmark collection exhibited at the library, the way you handled Mr. Unhappy, and your stashing your alarm clock in a drawer. I hope my insanely busy time is over, but it’s too soon to tell. Anyway, I’m enjoying the lull. Happy fall.

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