Issue of August 28, 2011

From bookshelves to golf to comfort books to research of the most difficult kind, BiblioBuffet has it all. Come with us and get to know the inside world of books just a bit better.

Pete Croatto finds that a trip to visit his (now) fiancee’s family includes a planned game of eighteen-hole golf. Recalling only a couple of inexpert visits to a driving range a long time before, he seeks out a book that will help him avoid “total embarrassment.” And he found it in an older book that proved to be as much a help as an aid to fitting in, in Drop the Book, Pick Up the Club.

When people are overworked and feeling stressed they often turn to “comfort” food, dishes that leave them feeling emotionally safe and satisfied. Readers are not immune to that, but often their comfort comes from books read as children. Gillian Polack returns to “the comfort end” of her scale with a list and description of books that help her through a difficult time in Replenishing the Bookish Soul.

Researching the subject of a biography means not only looking at their work but at their personal lives. Carl Rollyson’s experience for his upcoming book on one of Britain’s first successful female film directors shows how fraught with emotional tangles, lies, self-deceptions, personal agendas, old secrets, and developing relationships such research can be in Picking a Subject: Part Four.

There’s more in books than just words. In Dad’s Books, Lauren Roberts finds out just how much intimacy books that were passed along can hold when she decides to offer up a selection of her recently-given father’s books. What was kept, what was given away, and why? And how did it feel?


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