Issue of August 21, 2011

What else can I say? From bacon to bookmarks to art, we have some good reading for you.

Nicki Leone has the owner of an Audubon print but for many years she didn’t know what she had. In Illustrating Eras: The Art of Thomas Bewick and John James Audubon, she talks about the two men, the book that initiated her journey into the art, and other books that highlight that art.

Bacon is always a popular subject with blogs, websites and even magazines devoted to it. It is no different with bacon bookmarks and bacon-themed bookmarks. Laine Farley revisits the issue of real bacon found, to every librarian’s dismay (and perhaps sense of humor), in books, as well as handcrafted bacon-like bookmarks, printable bacon bookmarks, and more in Bacon Bookmarks Rise Again.

How books fit into one’s home depends on one’s personality. But passionate readers almost surely have them all over the house, and not in an Architectural Digest manner. Lauren Roberts may adore looking through the famous magazine but when it comes to books their approach and hers take vastly different paths, a disagreement she explores in Too Neat for Their Own Good?.


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