Moving On

Mr. Unhappy, the source of last week’s post, continues to remain unhappy. It still amazes me how some people become so obsessed with an issue that it dominates their lives and even precludes living. In this case, the man has taken offense to a book a family member wrote and has apparently dedicated the rest of his life to harrassing anyone who has reviewed it or otherwise written about it.

Not that it is doing him any good. He was not given space at BiblioBuffet, as he demanded, to put forth his arguments. His claim that he has enormous amounts of paperwork and files to back him up are of no importance and certainly of no interest. The man is, frankly, a bore and a jerk. And worse.

And I am amused that he continues to think I care. Or that I cared.

We will continue to review good books. And if they happen to be nonfiction, and if someone is unhappy with the author’s presentation … well, all those someones can continue to be unhappy in one another’s presence.  At BiblioBuffet, we are now moving on.


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