Issue of July 10, 2011

Are you indulging yourself in freshly picked corn on the cob? Watermelon? Ice tea? Grilled chicken or portobello mushrooms? Are you also taking to your outdoor furniture, good book in hand? We hope so! And if you are looking for good online reading plus more recommendations for fine books, take some time to read us too.

Lindsay Champion, who loves New York as only someone who has lived there for a long time can., takes a look at a little publishing house that has reprinted three of the finest books about the “its constantly beating pulse” of New York City ever written in Writing New York.

Supermarkets are often thought of as modern developments, but their history—beginning with the first rural grocery stores in the nineteenth century—is vast and complex. Oddly, it was a bookmark for a community grocery market that led Lauren Roberts on a historical journey as she explored Marketing the Bookmark.

What does it take to spoil a book? Nicki Leone asks and answers that question for herself and her readers as she considers how she reviews books as both book reviewer and bookseller—and as a seductress and seductee in  What Does It Take to Spoil a Book?

Picking up a book and discovering not just a good reading experience but a fantastic one is like discovering treasure. It is treasure! Lauren Roberts shares one such book that is currently on her end table or nightstand when it isn’t in her hands (which it often is) in Birds of a Feather.


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