Issue of July 3, 2011

Regardless of how you are spending your holiday weekend, we hope you have a book along with you. Time spent with good reading is always relaxing, and there are few things more relaxing than involving yourself in a good story.

Sports fans who are also readers unquestionably know author Jeff Pearlman. This week, Pete Croatto sat down (virtually) with him and talked about his upcoming book and his thoughts on the process and the procedures in creating his books and columns in Waiting is the Hardest Part: An Interview with Jeff Pearlman.

What makes a biographer? In Carl Rollyson’s case, it is “the messiness,” meaning that his “subjects suddenly burst into surprising life in a way that their letters and other documents cannot quite conjure,” a process he discusses in The Hand of Henry James.

Historical fiction, bridging the river between fiction and nonfiction, often attracts readers and authors who find history compelling but in some cases bereft of written documentation, especially in Medieval times. That’s where the fiction comes into play, and two authors of the genre meet Gillian Polack for a lively back-and forth discussion in Chatting with Sharon Kay Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick.

They’re coming! Like the gigantic ants that invaded Tokyo in 1950s nuclear horror films, CFLs or fluorescent light bulbs are inexorably making inroads into our lives. But not without opposition. Lauren Roberts has started a personal battle to fight the implementation of them coming 2012. In The Lighted Way you will find out why and how you can too.


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